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OMEX 600 Series ECU Ignition And Fuel Engine Management
The OMEM600 Engine Management System is a high performance, easy to install and map system with all of the features demanded in motorsport.

Our Omex 600 ECU kit has an extremely comprehensive instruction manual in a nicely presented folder available for an extra cost. It contains every aspect of installation right through to programming and mapping with a good education gained on the way which will make it a joy to install but is also available from download section of the Omex website.

Omex 600 ECU MAP4000 software | Advanced Automotive
600 ECU Features Semi-sequential fuel injection for up to 4 cylinder engines and DIS ignition (coil pack)
The ECU has 2 coil outputs allowing either ‘single coil with distributor’ or 4cyl distributorless (DIS wasted spark) ignition

The 600 series ECU has two injector outptuts that are used to control 4 injectors semi-sequentially.
Injectors should be high impedance, but low impedance injectors can be used with ballast resistors. Omex can supply injectors in a range of flowrates, both normal 'Bosch' size and 'Picos'.

Turbo Anti Lag
As found on WRC rally cars, turbo anti-lag keeps the boost pressure high and the turbocharger spinning by keeping the gas flow high, but maintains drivability by controlling the torque. The gas flow can be achieved by jacking open the throttle with a solenoid, air bypass valves, or if a low level of anti-lag is used, often by opening the idle motor fully. To control torque, the ECU retards the ignition.

Boost Control
Boost pressure is regulated by the turbo wastegate which is opened at a boost pressure set by the actuator. To increase boost pressure at which the the wastegate is opened, the actuator needs to see a lower pressure than actually exists in the inlet manifold. The ECU can control a solenoid or air injector to do this. The solenoid or air injector can be turned off / on to give low (actuator level) and high (ECU controlled) boost

Engine Speed and Position
Engine Speed and position is read from a pattern of teeth on the crank

Most manufacturers patterns are already known such as Ford 36-1, Bosch 60-2, Rover (18-1 twice and late K series), Toyota 36-2 etc If using an engine without a crank trigger pattern, an external trigger wheel can be fitted

The trigger wheel is a general-purpose part and will require machining to fit the crank pulley with the crank position sensor mounted facing it

The ECU Needs An Input Of Engine Load
The Omex ECU can use an input of throttle position or manifold absolute pressure (MAP).

Most normally aspirated engines will use an input of throttle position as this gives excellent throttle response. Forced induction engines need to use MAP as there is no direct relationship between throttle angle and engine load due to the variable of boost pressure. However, forced induction still requires throttle position sensor (TPS) input for idle condition and acceleration fuelling information.

It is possible to also use TPS as the main load sensor with a boost compensation from the MAP sensor. The rating of MAP sensors is absolute, not boost pressure. Therefore a 2 bar sensor is for up to 1bar boost and a 3 bar for up to 2 bar boost

Knock Control
A dedicated knock sensor input allows sensing of knock and user definable ignition and fuelling trims based on the knock input

An output could also be set to indicate knock to the driver whilst running the engine. Many newer engines have sensors as standard, whilst older engines can have the sensor fitted. This sensor is not required for engine running, it is an optional safety feature

Full Throttle Gearshift
Full Throttle Gearshift allows the gear to be changed without releasing the throttle, reducing the time taken for the shift, and in turbo applications reducing the slow down of the turbo speed.

A clutch switch or gear lever switch must be fitted to indicate that the gear change is occurring, at which point the ECU can retard the ignition in a user definable manner to reduce engine torque and allow the shift

Distributorless or distributor ignition for up to 4 cylinders Programmable load and speed sites TPS or MAP can be used for main load sensing

Wide range of crank trigger patterns are suitable (user programmable)
Turbo wastegate control Turbo anti-lag system
Variable cam control Launch control Narrow and wide band lambda support Push/pull, and single line idle controls in addition to scattered spark control Knock sensing capability
 3 programmable outputs switched on user controlled inputs (eg boost, coolant temp etc)
Security protected calibrations
Full throttle gearchange
Intercooler water spray control Water injection control Nitrous ignition retard and fuel enrichment
Two cooling fan controls Barometric compensation with external sensor
 Uses the latest version of the superb MAP3000 Windows programming software
Suitable for normally aspirated or boosted engines Inbuilt independent fuel and ignition rev limiters
Separate Tachometer, Shift Light and Fuel Pump outputs Magnetic or Hall Effect crank sensors Automatic interpolation between mapped sites
Sophisticated acceleration fuelling setup
Various harness options from economical semi-assembled to full race quality bespoke looms
Battery voltage compensation table for fuel injectors (not just a simple number) Battery compensation and engine speed compensation for coil charge time
Mappable coolant temperature compensation for engine warm-up Air & coolant temperature compensation for fuel injection pulse width
Separate cold cranking and decay tables in addition to warm-up fuelling
User settable ignition trim based on air temperature, coolant temperature, and barometric pressure
Separate start advance for cranking provides easy starting for high compression engines
Deceleration fuel cut-off feature for road engines
Maximum recommended engine speed 12,750 RPM AND LOADS MORE

Various Wiring Looms And Hardware Can Be Purchased Separately


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OMEX 600 Series ECU Ignition And Fuel Engine Management OMEM600

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