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JENVEY OMEX 4 Cyl DCOE / DHLA Replacement Mappable Fuel And Ignition Kit

This kit provides an upgrade from DCOE / DHLA carburettors on any pre-electronic fuel injection 4 port, 4 cylinder engine to fully

mappable fuel injection and fully mappable ignition
All you need to add is a high pressure fuel pump and an inlet manifold to suit your engine and DCOE carburettors
If you have 50 DCOE or 50 DHLA carbs fitted at the moment then your inlet manifold can be used
Offers a simplified way of putting together all of the required parts from one supplier at a fixed cost
Reliable one source of technical backup
Jenvey 50mm throttle bodies, fuel rail, injectors, air horns and throttle position sensor are supplied as a kit for assembly
Just set the fuel rail length to fit your inlet manifold and assemble.

Omex’s multi-championship winning 600 Series ECU controls the fuel injection, ignition, and optionally, many other functions around the vehicle.

The ECU is connected to the hardware with a complete ready built wiring harness, which is fully tagged and with the correct

connections made, ensuring easy clip-on fitment, optimum performance and absolute reliability

Kit Contents
Jenvey DCOE / DHLA fitment 50mm Throttle Bodies

Adjustable Length Fuel Rail With 8mm Push-on Type Hose Tails

40mm Length 88mm OD Air Horns

Injectors (upto 280 bhp)

Fuel Pressure Regulator

DIS 4 Cylinder Ignition Coil Pack (HT leads will be required)

Single Cable Linkage Kit

Throttle Position Sensor

Air Temperature Sensor

Coolant Temperature Sensor

600 Series Mappable ECU

Ready Built Road Spec Wiring Harness (not race spec as some images show)

Instructions (various basic)

CD Software

PLEASE NOTE "Trigger Wheel and Crank Position Sensor"

- Engine speed and position must be read from the crank using a series of teeth and a missing

tooth as a positional reference. The easiest way to achieve this is to fit a trigger wheel and sensor to the crank pulley. We can supply

general-purpose parts. These are not in the kit as standard as it may also be possible to machine the trigger pattern into the pulley or even

the flywheel.


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